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Staff who prepare food have at least Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate. At Church Hill our Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating is 5, the maximum score.

Small groups cook regularly as part of the curriculum.

Meal times are a social event, where children and staff can talk about their interests, what they do at nursery and at home, and share enjoyment of the food available. We appreciate any information and advice parents can give about their children’s eating preferences and we will help them to try a wider range of food than they may have previously been used to.

Menus are displayed in advance on the board next to the dining room.

Snack table
During every session we offer a variety of vegetarian healthy snacks for children to choose from — raw vegetables, cereals and fruit, water and milk. This is paid for by School Fund and our Milk grant. We do not offer any foods containing gelatine, nuts or animal products.

Lunchtime food for Church Hill is prepared at the Walthamstow School for Girls kitchen. Our own chef comes into Low Hall to make lunch. We cater for vegetarians, halal meat eaters, non-vegetarians and children with special dietary requirements.

Tea is prepared in our kitchens.

Food is prepared in our kitchens. When children bring in packed lunches, we periodically assess the contents and where appropriate, encourage parents to send in healthier options.

Children who have food allergies have their photo and their allergy displayed in the kitchens at both schools.