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  • Church Hill Nursery School
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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

Help from other organisations

If you need support with parenting, how your child is speaking and communicating, the development of your child or if you feel isolated, talk to:

  • your health visitor
  • your key person, or
  • one of the family support people you meet at a Children and Family Centre group.

These people will put you in touch with organisations that can help you.

You can find out about the Children and Family Centre groups here:


Click here to find useful helpline phone numbers and download a leaflet about where to get help locally.


Church Hill and Low Hall Nursery Schools, offer daycare from 8am to 6pm to the children who attend.

Go to the Children and Young People's Directory to find:

  • other childcare options
  • information on schools and applying for school
  • activities and events that are happening locally

staying safe online

  1. Advice on bringing up e-safe children:

  2. Childnet's Keeping Under Fives Safe Online leaflet (also download below) answers questions e.g. do Should I set any rules? How should I supervise my child? and provides links to templates (e.g. a family agreement) and ideas (e.g. setting bookmarks for agreed sites).
  6. Similar advice in lots of community languages:
  7. Digital Parent magazine has articles and information about the latest developments and what you can do to help your child get the most from them safely. Read it online at
  8. How to report worrying online behaviour:

  10. Educate yourself about what you can and can't do online:

  11. Do the Accidental Outlaw quiz. It will help you stay safe, and it will help you when your child starts doing their homework online and they want to use pictures and quotes they find online.
  12. Get into the habit of checking out the games, films and programmes your child wants to play/watch:

  13. tells you about the things your child might want to play with online, e.g. Fortnite, You Tube Kids and WhatsApp, and strategies for what to do if you aren't happy with how things are going.
  14. At, British Board of Film Classification's Insight section, you can check the certificate of British films and television programmes that you want to show your child.
  15. Check out the PEGI rating of games your child want to play.
  16. At you can see what other families and children think of films, games, apps and social networks.

Educational Psychologists

If you have concerns about your child you would like to discuss with an Educational Psychologist, this is how you get an appointment:

Food for babies and toddlers

You can find lots of information about feeding babies and toddlers at:

Food for young children

An organisation called HENRY works in Waltham Forest to help families. This is their timetable:

The BDA -- Association of British Dieticians -- has a recipe finder that you can search by ingredient, meal type, cooking method, preparation time or specific need eg gluten-free. The yummy recipes include nutritional information and are designed for you to cook with your child.


1. Register here to take part in Local Authority activities for under 5s:

2. Go to the Children and Young People's Directory to find out all kinds of activities that are going on in Waltham Forest.

2. Go to Hoop to get the app that will unlock London for you and your child.

3.  A group of (Walthamstow) parents developed the Kinfo app to help them find meaningful, fun, enriching activities their families will enjoy. Every activity recommended by Kinfo has been tested by real kids, and approved by real parents.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This link takes you to the Local Authority's Local Offer page, where you can find an enormous amount of information:

Also make sure you have read what we can offer you by reading our SEND Offer:




For find courses to help you find work you can go to:


Help for families who are dealing with death

It is now recognised that babies and toddlers also grieve. The Child Bereavement UK website has lots of information families might find helpful in all kinds of circumstances relating to death. You can download their leaflet for talking to under 5s about death at the bottom of this page.